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Computers and the Internet

The first computer was said to be created on the cusp of the II World War. A sophisticated machine was needed to decipher coded messages from the enemies. In the 50’, IBM created the first computer as we know today, and scientists were already working in a network that allowed communication between several machines. In the late 70’ the first Internet was created, but it was only in the early 90’ that Internet came to be what we know today (WWW - World Wide Web). Apple, IBM and Microsoft were the leading brands in developing the technology. With time, faster and smaller computers were created, but it was Nokia who revolutionized the world when created the first mini computer with internet access (mobile phone).

With the popularization of online access, the search for any type of information is easy, fast and on the tip of your fingers. "Our smartphones and tablets are changing the way we prepare and cook food". A famous website for recipes (AllRecipes) did a survey and came to the conclusion that we use phones to look up recipes and cooking techniques. We aren’t using books, magazines or old family recipes as we were several decades ago. "Recipe sites have well surpassed cookbooks and magazine recipes in usage. From gluten-free to vegan to paleo, we can find guidelines for just about any type of diet or lifestyle on the internet today". With Social Media, "sharing recipes across borders has never been easier. And with video sites like YouTube, we can learn recipes or techniques in a matter of minutes” (7).

Even in the workplace, bigger companies are using and training their staff with online recipe books, where quantities are easily calculated with a click of a button. The whole chit and labelling system is internet based. This scenario would be impossible to imagine in the last century. Restaurants that have the capacity of 400-600 guests, wouldn't be able to handle the past pace that modern society is now used to.

Adding to that, there are all kinds of APPs that allow us to easily order food from whatever we are and be delivered very quickly. If the Culinary Industry didn’t improved and incorporated technology in it, we would still be teaching new staff with printed recipe books, delaying training, therefore increasing labour costs; not be able to handle big volume sales efficiently; and maximize all the potential of a restaurant with take-out food and catering.

I used to have a compilation of Culinary Magazines, that were just pilling in my garage. When I wanted to cook something different, I would have to remember which one had the recipe I was looking for, then search through index to find it. It was time consuming. Now I search for a product or a recipe, and in a matter of seconds, have infinite possibilities of the same recipe, or the same product done differently. I can access videos and learn new things everyday. All that, in one single device, tablet, cellphone or computer with Internet access. I no longer have that many printed recipes, and I believe my cooking skills have improved greatly because of the easiness that has become to search for new recipes, new diets, new trends and new products.









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