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Check out the other part of a successful partnership between Chef Hondina Silva and Chef Ana Gonçalves in a brand new concept in Toronto, OMG Cafe & Tapas!



is a great blog for those who are looking for recipes that are tasty and easy to do.

Very well explained and well divided into categories that go from a simple appetizer to a whole banquet.

The less fun thing on the blog is the large amount of advertisements. Sometimes you can get distracted and might end up losing your focus on the recipe you were looking for.

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NOT WITHOUT SALT  ( is a blog that offers a variety of recipes to their visitants. It divides their choices into: Main, Side, Desert, Snack, Drinks, Dating my Husband.

Not all the recipes are simple but they are well explained and it makes easy to follow the steps into completion.

On a down side, the number of coments without any feedback gives a reader a lack of motivation to try something and, in case of needing a hand, it may not have it....

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